Overcoming Panic With Potentials: How to Cope up with Covid Panic Attacks

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“Panic is highly contagious, especially in situations when nothing is known and everything is in flux.”- Once said by the great author Stephen Edwin King. Well, we all know the value of this quote as we are experiencing the most horrible phase of our life ever.

Today’s biggest panic is the novel coronavirus which is engulfing the life of all ages, ruining the peace of families and destroying the complete system of globalisation. We are caged in our own houses, waiting for the fair days. But, the worst part is the constant thought of getting infected and even we are not sick, we feel as if we are. This is due to the fear we are taming inside us. If we go on like this, we would lose ourselves.

Worthless to list down the dark points of your day during this pandemic, especially when we can’t predict the brighter side. Yet, as the above-mentioned quote defines the nature of panic, we should not or I would say ought not to let our panic overcome our potentials and practice strength altogether or at least whatever and whoever we have right now.

We all know our fears, and we also know how to fight against them. So, the time is now. We have to win over this pandemic fear and take the charge of our health with the best ideas.

What to do During Pandemic

Practice Patience

practice peace and patience with yoga and meditation
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To think better, you need to calm down. You’re not alone going through this but the whole world. So try not to hustle and remain calm while being at home, balancing your bonds with your dear ones.

Take a Break from Media

I have heard from many of my friends and myself felt a strange fear while watching too much about this pandemic on social media. If you’re not feeling good or unable to cope up with the worse news, try switching off all social apps and sites for some time. Meanwhile, you can practice yoga or some meditation to relax your body and mind. Believe me, it really works.

Wash, Wash and Wash Your Hands

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Here comes the most crucial task for you. If you’re afraid of this contagious disease, you must follow the prime hygiene rule i.e., to wash your hands in at least every half an hour. If it’s not possible for you, sanitisers can be the best substitutes. Don’t forget to buy sanitisers with 60% alcohol element.

Use Clean and Safe Masks

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Some people are using the same mask for months without washing them. Some of them just pretend to wear it with loose elastics and the rest are laughing at those who are wearing them.

The agony is that they want to stop the transmission by doing this. Remember, the Covid-19 went contagious because we didn’t take it seriously and still not taking it. So, please wear clean masks and wash them regularly to stay safe.

Drink Plenty of Water

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To maintain and even improve your immunity, the least you have to do is to drink plenty of water. This is the simplest task you can do while you’re at work, at home or simply at your resting couch. Whether you belong to the upper class, or hardly earn your daily bread, water doesn’t cost you much and works a lot to maintain your health as it regulates more oxygen in your body.

What Not to Do During Pandemic

Avoid Talking Negatively

Talking pessimistically during the darkest phase of life is never gonna lead you towards the brighter side. So, avoid talking or chatting about bad news, the number of deaths and people affected by the disease. Instead, we can count on the number of people recovered and people getting vaccinated.

Avoid Non-Essential Shopping

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Shopping and wandering outside during such a disastrous pandemic is only gonna add a question to your health along with your dear ones. And, you can’t blame only girls for this. Even boys are heading out of their homes to chill with friends, keeping the guidelines on their toe. Seriously, we should stop this, else the results will be worse than today.

Avoid Touching Your Face

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Besides wearing masks, the next thing that we all have to keep in mind is to avoid touching our faces often. The more we touch our faces, the more will be the probability to get the virus through our eyes, mouth, nose and ears. Even if you need to touch your face, make sure that you wash your hands with soap or sanitize them.

Don’t Spread Fake News

I have seen a lot of people creating jokes and memes over Covid-19 nowadays and even circulating them among their groups with no serious concern about the situation.

There are people out who are losing their dear ones every day. Honestly, it doesn’t sound cool nor creating a fair environment at all. So, please stop circulating bad jokes and fake news about Covid-19.

Avoid Sleeping Late

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Sleep is the most powerful tonic to cure the human body and soul. If you’re not keeping your sleep cycle in order, this means you’re going out of track from your ideal daily routine. So, try not to sleep reverse or less. Make sure that you take at least 8 hours of sleep and start it early so that you get up early in the morning and balance your routine.

We all are well aware of all the points mentioned above. Still, sometimes we forget to keep track and let our fear overcome our strengths. But, not this time. We all need ourselves right now to go through these hard days and follow a win-win over Covid Pandemic. So don’t let your panic overcome your potentials. Be positive in life, not in the reports!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!




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